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Multisite Themes is a very simple plugin that I created to help administrators of WordPress Multi Site setups define different themes for different sites.


I was providing clients with wpmu/wpms sites and I needed a way to make only certain themes available to certain site admins.

“This is already doable when you edit a blog in the admin.”

Technically it’s not. Remember, a site is different than a blog
A site contains blogs.
A site can be at while you have another site at, both with different sub-blogs underneath of them.


I’ll hopefully have this up on the WordPress Plugin Database soon, but until then you can save the below txt document as a php file and upload to your plugins folder, activate and you’re good to go.

To add a theme that is site specific, simply make a folder called ms-themes in your wp-content directory.
In the ms-themes directory you create another folder with the same id as the site you want to add the theme to.

Example for Site with id of 7:

Any themes placed in the /7/ directory will be available for site_id 7.

Future Plans

  • Done:  I plan to automagically create the ms-themes directory.
  • Have option to automatically create site directories.
  • Output display for easy recognition of what a site’s ID is.

Known Bugs

No known bugs. If you have a problem, please contact me through my contact page.


Download from the WordPress Plugin Directory:


Please make any donations to a charity of your choice in my name (Dustin Dempsey). Let me know if you do.

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